SolarBlack Action Rythm Fitness

here you can see the hero art of SolarBlack. A man standing on a plaform slicing and shooting incoming targets

SolarBlack is an action-rhythm game made exclusively for VR where you slice and shoot to the beat to defeat an other-worldly threat. Immerse yourself in new worlds as you train your body and mind in time to a handcrafted soundtrack. Control the tempo of the battle as you see fit with Flextime and seek to unravel the secrets of the universe on your journey to becoming the ultimate legend of sound and space.

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Thirty one worlds

31 unique worlds (environments), 19 Songs and 5 difficulties mean there is something for every legend or legend-in-training.

the main worldhub of SolarBlack that is used to select songs and worlds

Easy to pick up

tons to train for and explore. Are you up for the challenge of unlocking all 16 achievements?

this screenshot shows the player in iceland close to Jokulsarlon slicing and shooting incoming targets

Slice and shoot

to the beat with your futuristic SaberGun, weaving two awesome fighting styles together in pulse-pounding, unstoppable rhythmic action.

this picture shows the gameplay of SolarBlack in cape of good hopes while sunrise with beautiful weather

Conquer the global leaderboards

See where you place among the galaxy's strongest heroes and explorers or challenge yourself to be the best you can with local and online leaderboards

showing gameplay while standing in the middle of the ocean on a beautiful cloudy day

Regular updates

We have recently released the first major update including the new gamemode "infinity" and thirteen new worlds. More is coming soon: planning for new songs, environments, and more!

depiction of SolarBlack in Skogafoss Iceland close to a waterfall

A single developer's magnum opus

Every atom, sound, movement, and mechanic was designed and created with you and VR in mind.

gameplay in cape of good hopes, shown from the side

Great workout

YUR Watch integration: train your body and track your workouts with YUR watch integration.

showing an example of yur fitness statistics, calculation of calories and squats, set your fitness goals

Available now

Localized in nine languages, available for iQIYI, Nolo, Pico and Steam

hero art of SolarBlack, showing a man in sunrise light standing on the platform and slcing ans shooting incoming targets with a SaberGun
fingerprint heart with we love games text

SolarBlack Team

We are a highly motivated team based in Vienna Austria and have been working hard to bring SolarBlack to life.
We are music producers and have a long lasting passion for games.
We believe that Music connects us and makes the world a better place.